Welcome to Savill Consulting

Savill Consulting is a company providing training and consulting services in the areas of treasury, derivatives, capital markets and risk management for banks, institutional investors, corporates and government bodies around the world.

Through its affiliations with selected partner companies with whom Savill Consulting has had long-standing relationships, the company is also able to source training across a wider range of topics in the financial services arena including credit, financial statement analysis, corporate finance and transaction banking.

The company offers strategic consulting and educational program design and delivery on a confidential basis in the area of financial markets with a focus on, alternatively:

  • products and technical concepts
  • policies and risk management techniques
  • marketing and sales skills
  • business strategy and requirements

The courses may range in their degree of complexity from a general product overview to a highly technical insight into trading or risk management techniques, and may be generic in nature or tailored to meet the precise needs of the target audience. Tailoring might be preferred, for instance, to reflect the geographical location or the nature of the business franchise and may be captured by the inclusion of relevant cases from an extensive library that Savill Consulting has accumulated over the years from different parts of the world. Alternatively, if our sponsor is willing to provide the appropriate information, the company can write-up cases around client-specific processes or based on actual transactions. In such instances, confidentiality is of course guaranteed.

The training sessions can take many forms, but are typically in-house offerings catering to groups of people ranging from 10 – 30 in number, but could be substantially larger in the case of bank Analyst or Associate programs.

Where necessary, Savill Consulting makes extensive use of computers and Bloomberg to enhance the learning experience. Specially-designed software and spreadsheets may be used to demonstrate modelling, valuation or pricing concepts. In addition, simulations may be used to enable participants to experience the role of, alternatively:

  • a trader in a variety of markets (including bonds, FX, equities and their derivatives)
  • a portfolio manager investing in real-time over several weeks
  • a fund manager overseeing a global investment portfolio
  • a pension manager managing the balance sheet of a pension fund over a full economic cycle
  • a corporate treasurer managing a variety of exposures with derivatives, including exotics