(i) Training Curriculum

A sample list of courses incorporating a one-page overview of each.

Training Curriculum

(ii) Sample Analyst & Associate Programs

  • A suggested 10-day training outline for those Analysts destined to go into a trading or product sales role.
    S&T Analyst Program Outline
  • A suggested 10-day training outline for Sales & Trading Associates with a post graduate qualification and some prior dealing room experience.
    S&T Associate Program Outline
  • A suggested 4-day training outline for those Analysts who will move into job functions that bridge the gap between the dealing room and the investment bank.
    Capital Markets Analyst Outline
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(iii) Sample Course Outlines

  • A sample outline for a 3-day Market Risk course aimed at bank staff who would benefit from an understanding of the methodology used by financial institutions to manage market risk, but who are not in the market risk function. The target audience would include those in other risk functions (eg. credit, operational and liquidity risk), in operations, financial control and relationship management.
    Market Risk for Non-Market Risk Professionals
  • A sample outline for a 3-day program aimed at those in a front office relationship role who are involved in marketing derivatives to corporates. The course is designed to give participants a greater level of comfort as to the application of┬ásuch products without being overly technical and deal with some of the objections that may arise in the sales process.
    Achieving Advisory Status in Derivatives (Corporate Clients)
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(iv) Sample Pre-Read

This handout is representative of some typical pre-reading on products that may be sent out to participants prior to their attending a derivatives course. It may be accompanied by a pre-test (a self-test or formally delivered) as a measure of their understanding.
Pre-reading: Derivatives Products

(v) Sample Presentation

A sample presentation explaining the mechanics of a cross currency swap in the context of a borrower, and how the currency swap compares with a series of FX forwards as an alternative solution.
Presentation: Cross Currency Swaps